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**Minutes are considered to be in DRAFT form until approved at the next scheduled meeting**

The Board meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM

In attendance: Alyson Grzyb, Carrie Gutbier, John Spencer, Phyllis Skidmore (Librarian), Bill Budde (Russell Collection), Bob Dudley, Sally Ayrey, Cindy Pike, Dave Van De Water, Dave Thomas, Sheila Kearns, Carol Farley, Simon Metcalf, Carrie Gutbier

Guests: (all potential new board members) Katie McCartney (student rep), Cathy Taylor, Laura Crosslin

Absent: Brian Allen

The additions to the agenda were – separate mailing for the Russell Collection


  • December 2017 – Bob moved that the November minutes be approved. Dave V. seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report (summary):

  • Details are in the treasurer’s report

  • The Service Pro bill for temporary heating has come in at $25,462.  The cost of new furnace was $18,250.  Total is $43,712.Transferring money out of Kraus to cover heating costs.

  • Expenses will be booked in 2017 Hayden and ServicePro

  • Cindy read some cards and notes associated with recent donations

  • No prediction yet on how 2017 will end.

Finance Committee

  • Dave T. was unable to attend

  • Sally reported that the budget was approved by the Finance Committee

  • The committee feels that the town allotment from Shaftsbury will not come in

  • The committee acknowledged that the Library needs to remember the Russell Collection in fund raising

  • The budget should be “operating budget” and not special projects, funding, etc.

  • The committee is asking the board to find a project for the $1,400 left from the library / youth room renovations.

Librarian’s Report (summary):

  • Phyllis reported that the new furnace is quieter and seems to provide more “level” heating throughout the building

  • Filed papers for insurance but it is unlikely that we will recover any money from the insurance

  • Basked raffle raised $800+.

  • $382 raised in commissions from Craft Fair

  • 20 books from the gift tree – two authors were also adopted

  • Applied for a Berkshire Bank grant for $1,200 and was awarded to us.

  • GNAT did a show on the library and Phyllis as Librarian

  • JISP programs started

  • Sent the annual report to the State on Saturday

Martha’s Book House Report

  • The sign is frozen in place – a project for the spring

  • Phyllis will look for a replacement sign over the winter

Collection Report

  • Not much time to do weeding of the collection

  • Youth room will be next because it is overflowing. Mysteries are in the same condition.

  • Sheila mentioned the Hulu digital service that provides e-books, audio books, and other Hulu programming to libraries. Sheila has a contact at another library that has it and will discuss whether it is a good fit for this library in the future.

Programming (Adult, Youth, Children’s)

  • Carrie – first program in February with Grass Roots Solar coming. Feb 4th @ 2PM with a snow date of Feb 11.

  • May – Vermont Humanities Council – “Agatha Christie” will be here. May 8th

  • Youth and Children - Preschool story times on Tuesday. JISP Wednesdays, Grades 3 and up program on 3 Saturday mornings (cross between Legos and erector sets)

  • Summer program – theme is Music

Staff and Volunteer

  • No changes


  • We still need to get some pricing for new computers

  • Sheila and Phyllis will investigate including Tech Soup hardware offers

Buildings & Grounds

  • Two lights on posts – one is missing a door and one missing a piece of plexi-glass. Both are wobbly – both still work

  • Henry is snow-plowing the back lot. Contacted school to get a volunteer to help shovel sidewalks and steps.


  • Dave V. reported that for the first exhibition we need to figure out how to display it. He is looking into tables from Ikea. Tim Stewart will get the plywood and make the tops. We’ll only need to purchase the trestles.

  • Put together a fundraising appeal. Somewhere between $2,000 and $4,500. Sending out to some possible sponsoring companies.

  • Exhibit is 5 weeks away so things are moving quickly.

  • Rockwell exhibit over the summer. Pulling some Arlington works together for that. Question on security. Dave will stop in and talk about creating a plan. May also need a rider on our insurance.

  • Dave T. reported that a Bennington created their own security system if a picture was ever moved.

Russell Collection Report

  • Bill reported a slow month with only a couple of queries

  • Continuing to work on clearing out obsolete materials

  • Teaching volunteers how to use the scanner

Community Awareness Report

  • Still doing Facebook, Front Porch Forum, Schools, papers, etc.

  • Still puts flyers around town

Select Board Relations Report

  • Brian was not in attendance this month.

Annual Appeal Report

  • John reported printing 126 thank you letters so far

  • Goal was $40,000

Old Business:

  1. Potential new board members? Alyson introduced the guests who were invited as potential board members. Discussed the type of work the board does. Mentioned the long-range plan and how that guides us. Terms are 3 years unless you are filling a partial term. Both Cathy and Laura expressed interest

  2. Sally reminded us that our by-laws are up for review in 2018 and that when a treasurer changes it is suggested that an audit be performed.

  3. Boiler and temporary heat – no further discussion other than what has already happened

New Business:

  1. 2018 Budget – the budget went up about $7,000 from last year. $130,793. Tried to keep expenses as tight as possible. LRP indicates long range plan budgeted items. The budget balances. The net contribution from the gallery is targeted to be about $2,500. The mix of income may be different than what is planned.

A motion was made by Bob to approve the 2018 budget as presented. Sheila seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously.
  1. 2018 Slate of Officers - Sally will accept nomination for treasurer, John will accept the nomination for Secretary. Sheila agreed to be on the slate as President. The Vice President position still open.
  1. Sally discussed the transition of Treasurer and the fact that she (Sally) will be out of town for the February meeting. We will need to pass a resolution to keep Cindy as a signer until Sally returns.

  1. Discussion of fundraising for the Russell Collection. Cindy believes most people don’t recognize that the Russell Collection is a separate entity and not fully funded by the library. Cindy discussed the contribution envelopes. Cindy propose a mailing in the spring expressly for the Russell Collection. The expenses are about $10,000 per year and is now drawn out of the endowment. Dave T. mentioned that it may take away from the Library’s annual fund. Russell Collection currently captures email addresses more often the physical addresses. Martha Canfield Library is the only 501(c)3 entity. Carrie picked up on the community awareness piece of the discussion and suggested possibly adding something into the programming.

  1. A motion was made by Carol that Katie, Cathy, and Laura be nominated to the board. Bob seconded. The motion was passed unanimously.

Next meeting – Monday, February 5th

Annual Meeting at 6PM Regular Meeting at 7PM

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM.

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