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December 4, 2017

**Minutes are considered to be in DRAFT form until approved at the next scheduled meeting**

The Board meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM

In attendance: Alyson Grzyb, Carrie Gutbier, John Spencer, Phyllis Skidmore (Librarian), Bill Budde (Russell Collection), Brian Allen, Bob Dudley, Sally Ayrey, Cindy Pike, Dave Van De Water, Dave Thomas

Guests: None

Absent: Sheila Kearns, Carol Farley, Simon Metcalf

The additions to the agenda were

November 2017 – Cindy moved that the November minutes be approved. Bob seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report (summary):
Utility costs are down but we still have another month and boiler problems.
Cindy is still working on the budget for 2018
Phyllis to call Henry to see if he will keep plowing.

Librarian’s Report (summary):
Phyllis reported all holiday events are running – craft show, basket raffle
The wish tree is up
Phyllis attended a webinar on the VT on-line library
Peggy has started planning JISP afternoon programs.
17 gift certificates donated for the basket raffle

Martha’s Book House Report
The sign is still up. We can cut it down but it is cemented into the ground
Dave V. got an offer to borrow a backhoe to yank the sign out. All agreed he should take up the offer.

Collection Report
Not much has happened over the last month

Programming (Adult, Youth, Children’s)
Carrie reported we hosted the Arlington Rescue Squad (5 people from the rescue squad attended) but only 3 people were in the audience including Carrie. May consider trying again in the Spring.
Holiday sing yesterday – 23 people attended
Nothing scheduled for January at the current time.
Youth programming – craft activities for youth on Saturday.
Santa coming up 12/14, Lego on Wednesday.

Staff and Volunteer
Sandy Zimmer is newest volunteer working out very well.

Need to start shopping around for computers (3). Mack might donate but we need to get prices first.
Copier is old enough that we may not be able to get parts for it. We might ask Mack for this too.

Buildings & Grounds
Furnace died
Light fixture on exterior post is missing a door. Phyllis will look into replacing it.
Carrie to follow up with Brandon on outstanding bill for landscaping

Dave V. discussed the proposal for the show in February. It costs $550 for the “use” of the books. The books get secured to tables.
Many books are international and it should be interesting to have high school students see them all.
There will be some logistical challenges but Dave V. is confident we can pull it off.
Dave V. has roughed out a plan for the year’s events even before having a gallery committee.
Different types of shows planned – Exhibitions, Solo Shows, and Juried Shows
Dave V. feels we can draw a lot of people to the Aperture show
Dave V. met with Chris Morrow of the Northshire Bookstore to discuss being able to allow people to purchase books at the show– art and photography books would potentially be for sale. Could be used as a fund raiser (just like selling art at other shows.)
Short discussion on Norman Rockwell’s Arlington in conjunction with other Rockwell events in the area.
Discussion of the fall 2019 exhibition for Young at Art Caldecott Illustrations show. Need to find an underwriter for the $3,200 cost of the show.
Dave V. and Phyllis are part of an Arlington Arts Renewal group.

Russell Collection Report
A couple of donations came in regarding the Cullinan collection
Stratton Magazine had several articles of interest - Monastery, 4 Freedoms Festival, etc.
Two of the four freedoms are missing in the Reading Room. We may consider replacing all four so they match. Brian will call the Rockwell Museum and get 4 new prints and have them framed.
Brian will draft a report for Vermont Magazine on the Russell Collection.
Andrew McKeever did a 7-minute show on the Russell Collection for GNAT. We should put this on the Facebook and Library home page.
Andrew is coming back in to interview Phyllis about the Library for GNAT too.
Bill is looking for some space in the map drawers so he’s going through old things to see what could be removed.

Community Awareness Report
Things aren’t always getting published quite on time.

Select Board Relations Report
Brian has not attended a meeting yet. Waiting for a library topic for the select board before attending.

Annual Appeal Report
Brian sent 80 plus letters to big donors
300+ more to go out tomorrow when we pay Express Copy for postage
Dave T. brought up the topic that no mention of people being able to earmark money for the Russell Collection. This continues to be a problem year after year.

Old Business:

1. Dave T. is planning to step down from the board soon (February meeting.) His current roles include
Liaison to the Russell Collection
Handles finances for the Russell Collection
Finance committee chair
2. Looking for someone to take over Dave T.’s roles. Sally said it may make sense for the Treasurer to manage the Russell Collection checkbook in addition to the treasurer duties. Sally offered to take over.
3. With Bill at the board meetings, a liaison may not be necessary
4. Need to consider who will take over as Finance chair
5. Potential new board members? Laura Crosslin is interested in coming onto the board. She will be invited to the January meeting. Dave T. suggested Cathy Taylor who works at the Northshire Bookstore. Alyson suggested Dave T. invite her to the January board meeting. Dave V. will ask another person he knows.

New Business:

1. The next board meeting will not be on the first Monday of January – but rather the 2nd Monday.
2. Boiler – Current boiler started leaking about 2.5 weeks ago. Phyllis has obtained 4 bids from contractors. Existing boiler is 22 years old
Most bids are for 95% efficient propane boilers
Total sinking fund is $11,800 (includes roof, AC, etc.)
Long term maintenance is now at $2,500 + $8,100
Phyllis did talk to the insurance company (Richards Insurance – Liberty Mutual.) We need to establish if it was just seals that malfunctioned or if there were cracks in the iron. Insurance will only pay for replacement.
$400 per day to have temporary heating
Sally made a motion that we hire Hayden to do the job (option #2 – high efficiency and #3 – new valves and circulators. Bob seconded. The vote was unanimous in favor.
Phyllis will continue to pursue how we can get help from the insurance
3. 2018 Budget – the budget is not ready yet.
4. 2018 Slate of Officers - Sally will accept nomination for treasurer, John will accept the nomination for Secretary.

Next meeting – Monday, January 8th at 7PM
Meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM.

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