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November 6, 2017

**Minutes are considered to be in DRAFT form until approved at the next scheduled meeting**

The Board meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM In attendance: Alyson Grzyb, Carrie Gutbier, John Spencer, Phyllis Skidmore (Librarian), Bill Budde (Russell Collection), Sheila Kearns, Simon Metcalf, Brian Allen, Bob Dudley, Sandy Vassallo, Cindy Pike, Dave Van De WaterGuests: Sally Ayrey, Carol Farley, Valerie TakvorianAbsent: Dave ThomasThe additions to the agenda were to discuss the Trustee gift basket


  • September 2017 –Bob moved that the September minutes be approved.  Brian seconded.  The motion was unanimously approved.
  • There were no minutes from the October meeting because a quorum was not present.

Treasurer’s Report (summary):

  • $2,500 donation from the couple who bought Vivian Lacy’s old house.  Brian had spoken with them.
  • Bookkeeper recommends we go with a payroll company.  We will investigate.

  Librarian’s Report (summary):

  • Phyllis reported that the annual report is getting started with a deadline of early January.
  • Advocates getting ready for basket raffle and craft show.  Enough gift certificates to make up a couple of gift certificate baskets.
  • Still looking for crafters to exhibit.  Contact Phyllis.  Show opening 11/18.
  • Lego robotics program went well.  Lego challenge continues with monthly meetings
  • About 4 kids for each of DCF program
  • Had 6 kids for community service day – cleaned windows, did some weeding
  • Bennington County librarians met
  • Peggy went to Manchester library to meet state children’s librarian
  • Statistics are about normal

 Martha’s Book House Report

  • Did a little better than last year.
  • Requested that sign be removed before the ground freezes

  Collection Report

  • Not much has happened over the last month

 Programming (Adult, Youth, Children’s)

  • Carrie reported that Wednesday night the Arlington Rescue Squad would be here
  • Patty Cody will be here on December 3rd at 2PM with singers
  • 5 programs already set for 2018
  • Carrie asked for any additional ideas
  • Sheila discussed sending out a survey for general services but includes questions on programming too.  Provided hard copies for people to add comments.  Discussed how we could get the survey out to people.
  • Phyllis has a lead on a technology program on tips for doing email.
  • Sheila passed out another survey designed to go to people who do NOT use the library
  • Peggy has been doing a monthly calendar of events that is posted in the library.
  • There is an infant / toddler play date on Saturday mornings
  • The rest of the youth/children’s events were already discussed.

 Staff and Volunteer

  • Volunteer appreciation party is Sunday 2-4PM. 
  • There was a sign-up for food that Cindy will remind people of


  • Surveys already discussed
  • Tech training already discussed
  • Sheila asked if any movement had been made on replacing computers.  Phyllis said no.  Sheila offered to help
  • Got a check from Quadratek and Abacus for a Lego robotics kit- goal is to eventually get 4 kits
  • May need to replace copier sometime in the near future – no service contract

 Buildings & Grounds

  • Hit 6-month mark for Efficiency Vermont
  • Phyllis reported propane bill has gone down.
  • No need for landscaping clean-up.  Brandon came and did the cleanup last weekend
  • Will discuss trees next spring


  • Goals set for 2017 were met
    • Painting and upgrading the gallery
    • Advertising and emails
    • Budget was $1,000.  $870 was spent
    • Art talks were initiated
  • Valerie also listed some improvements for the gallery
  • Brian made a motion to thank Valerie and commending her good work
  • David seconded the motion and said a plaque will be made
  • David has put together a plan with some highlights that was passed around asking for comments from folks
  • David reviewed his 2018 plan – a lot of great ideas for the next year

Russell Collection Report

  • A new person is interested in volunteering at the Russell Collection
  • Received a very old ledger – 1791 – 1793
  • Bill was interviewed by GNAT (Andrew McKeever interviewer)

 Community Awareness Report

  • Survey falls under this heading

 Select Board Relations Report

  • Brian is the representative – has not been to any meetings – no specific needs currently

 Annual Appeal Report

  • Personal letters have been sent to 50 top residential property owners in Arlington
  • John, Phyllis, Brian, and Alyson to catch up on details after the meeting to review the plan for the remaining letters.

Old Business:

  1. New board members
    • Introductions
    • Sally and Carol interested in becoming board members
  1. Sally saw the ad that we needed board members.  Was a former treasurer and been on the finance committee.  Goes away in the winter for about 6 weeks.  Has discussed things with Cindy.  Bookkeeper to discuss hiring a company for payroll. 
  2. There are currently two open board positions.  Could join immediately.  Three more openings coming up in January.  Alyson, Dave T., and Cindy will all be leaving.  Also, Simon needs to resign, but may have a replacement – Kay McCartney – she is interested and willing to do it.  Simon will bring Kay next month.
  3. Alyson was approached in the grocery store tonight by someone interested in joining the board.  Wade Simpson – will be invited to the next meeting.  He is a librarian at Bennington College.
  4. Peggy suggested that we approach Jason Underhill at Quadratek as a possible board member.
  5. Dave T. also suggested another potential person.  Alyson couldn’t find it immediately but will send it along when she does.

 New Business:

  1. 2018 Budget.
    • Town appropriations current
      • Arlington – 18,000
      • Sunderland - $7,500
      • Sandgate - $3,400
      • Shaftsbury – ask for $2,000
    • Per capita, Arlington is lowest and Sandgate is highest
    • LY increase – Arlington $1,000, Sunderland $200
    • Arlington and Sunderland both require petitions for any increase
    • Brian recommended we increase Arlington by $1,000
  2. John made a motion to increase the request for Arlington by $1,000 to $19,000 and leave the other towns the same.  Also ask Shaftsbury for $2,000.  Cindy seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.
  3. 2018 Slate of Officers – Alyson asked again about the next president.  No immediate volunteers
  4. Carrie asked about any decisions about the Dorothy Canfield Fisher issue at the state level.  No one had heard anything.
  5. Discussion of new board members.  Brian moved we approve both candidates.  David V seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.  One will replace Charlie the other will replace the unknown opening.  Phyllis will help figure this out and Alyson will call the candidates to give them the good news.

Next meeting – Monday, December 4th at 7PMMeeting adjourned at 8:55 PM.


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