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April 3, 2017

**Minutes are considered to be in DRAFT form until approved at the next scheduled meeting**

The Board meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM

In attendance: Alyson Grzyb, Carrie Gutbier, Cindy Pike, Phyllis Skidmore (Librarian), Simon Metcalf, Brian Allen, Sheila Kearns, Bill Budde (Russell Collection)

Due to lack of a quorum, actions to approve the March minutes and the final draft of the Long-Range Plan were postponed until the May meeting.

Treasurer Cindy Pike presented the Financials for the 3 months ending March 31, 2017 stating that there was little report until the Endowment Report is available.

Librarian Phyllis Skidmore presented her report highlighting a grant from the Margery L. & Roger N. Hanson Fund of $1,200.00. Among the items funded by this grant are: children’s room furniture, Legos for children’s programs and several museum passes, including passes to Hildene, the Nature Museum in Grafton, Lake Champlain Maritime Museum and Mass MoCA. Phyllis also reported the library closing on March 14 at 11:00am, the day we had 18 inches of snow and noted that the book sale opening will be delayed until Memorial Day due to construction at Martha’s Book House.

Since the order for the light bulbs for the Efficiency Vermont program had not yet been submitted, Phyllis agreed to submit the order so that the switch out could be completed.

Carrie Gutbier reported on Ault Programming noting that although attendance was low for the Sisters in Crime panel, the talks were good and book sales for the authors seemed to be good. Carrie also made note of upcoming programs: Abenaki History and Culture on May 7 and a talk by Don Keelan in June.

Bill Budde reported on some interesting research conducted in the Russell Collection on the freed slave Lucy Prince. The family doing research had understood that the closest source of resource material was in NYC and were pleased to find resources available here. Bill was also able to connect them to the Sunderland Town Offices where they were able to find the lot owned by Lucy Prince.

Carrie Gutbier discussed work to remove bushes and put in grass on the side of the library. The contractor did not believe that this work would use all of funds allotted for the project and offered to provide a fall and spring cleanup in addition to the one-time work. Since the funds have been approved, Carrie will tell the contractor to go forward with the planned and additional work. There will be a conversation with the school grounds people about including the new grass area in their usual mowing.

Brian Allen discussed the ongoing efforts to add titles to the periodical collection. It was noted that many users felt that the periodicals would be more useful if older and little used items were removed. A list of desirable periodical titles was assembled and Bill said that he would be soliciting donations of those titles through Front Porch Forum.

Sheila Kearns reported on work with Phyllis to explore the use of Survey Monkey to conduct community surveys. Since the free version of Survey Monkey had limited usefulness for the kinds and amount of information the library would like to collect, Sheila has made an in-kind contribution to the library of a one-year subscription. After one year of use the board will review the outcomes and determine how to proceed with the subscription. Sheila detailed the questions that she and Phyllis had assembled, noting the plans to collect information from both library users and non-users. Sheila will draft a survey for review by the board.

Next meeting– Monday, May 1st at 7PM
The meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM.

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