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February 6, 2017

**Minutes are considered to be in DRAFT form until approved at the next scheduled meeting**

The Annual Board meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM

In attendance: Cindy Pike, Alyson Grzyb, Dave Thomas, Joe Zimmerman, Phyllis Skidmore (librarian), Brian Allen, Simon Metcalfe, Sheila Kearns, Martha Folsom, Carrie Gutbier

Absent: Henry Cochran

Guests: Bill Budde, Mallory Rich, Valerie Takvorian, Charlie Cummings, John Spencer, Dave VanDeWater

  • 2016 (December, 2016)
Librarian’s Report (summary of 2016):
  • 20th Anniversary went well
  • Wolf retired after 15 years, Peggy Hansen was hired, children’s programming is going very well
  • Loss of 2 volunteers, but gained 3
  • Joined the courier service pilot project for Interlibrary Load, will continue, costs about the same. More out of state interlibrary loan requests in 2016.
  • Exterior painting and landscaping was done in the past year
  • Working on renovating the building to make it more energy efficient
  • Burglary in September, local young man. Money was replaced by a gift. $690 donated by the school.
  • Meeting room use increased over the previous year.
  • Gallery was active – but we didn’t earn as much money as last year
  • Circulation decreased slightly. Phyllis is now including include Listen Up Vermont ebooks, and audiobooks in the circulation numebers
  • Phyllis worked on the collection – removing books, adding books

Treasurer’s Report (summary):

  • Ended the year with a surplus, ($4835) mainly due to a good response to our annual fund
  • Suggested $1000 of the surplus each to the roof sinking fund, the elevator sinking fund, the heating system sinking fund, and the air conditioning sinking fund. The remaining $835 to go to long term maintenance. Martha moved, Brian seconded. Motion carried.
Old Business:
  • Finance – met twice in 2016, July with fund manager from Kraus, no changes. Met in December and reviewed the budget proposal before it came to the board.
  • Advocates – 2 chairs of the group had to resign in 2016, currently without a chairperson. $625.61 earned from the March book sale. No auction this year because of not enough volunteer help. $218 made by 50/50 raffle. $1039 from the basket raffle. Craft fair, $374.69. The advocates will plan events for 2017. They will continue without a chair, but want to do 50/50 raffles, basket raffle, craft fair, no auction (maybe an auction for 25th anniversary).
  • Buildings and Grounds update – Landscaping, painting, insulating (ongoing).
  • Russell Collection report – met once in 2016. Bill discussed work for the year and plans. Received several interesting photo collections that are being reviewed.
  • Gallery update – Jessica Phillips not available for report. Temporarily out – Valerie Takvorian will be chair. 9 exhibits, 2 speaking events. For the upcoming year, all artists confirmed through October. Many different types, including a poet with the paintings. Gallery talks planned and confirmed. New artist agreement drafted - more concise than the previous one. Decision was made to use a mailing list instead of postcards. Will use email to send these. Renovation – In February, Valerie and Bob Dudley are working to update the gallery. No show in February, but will start in March. Valerie needs help getting her Mac connected to the projector – Simon will assist.
  • Programming Report – report sent by Martha. List of past speakers available. There was steady growth in 2016, due to regularity and the work of Celine who did a great job with the publicity. Celine will get a thank you note.
  • Long Range Plans – still working
  • Technology – Kindle, Surveymonkey – Sheila will take it over from Joe – send out survey link with newsletter, website, facebook, Front Page Forum. Still need a quick set of instructions for using the library Kindle.
  • Martha’s Bookhouse – requested another signboard easier to get out and take in. Phyllis purchased a rolling signboard for them to use in the spring. The book sales did well this year, $1071 cart, $4,452.80 in Bookhouse. ($450 over budget).
  • Nominating committee – Martha Folsom, Joe Zimmerman are leaving, and Susan Bauers left before the end of the term:
    • New Members on Board:
      • John Spencer
      • Charlie Cummings
      • Dave VanDeWater
    • New officers:
      • Sheila Kearns, VP
      • John Spencer, Secretary
      • Cindy Pike, Treasurer
      • Alyson Grzyb, President
  • Legacy Committee – John and David on committee. Did not meet this year.
  • Publicity – Celine is doing a great job
  • Annual Fund Report – good year. Brian met with Orvis and asked for an annual fund gift – response still pending.
New Business:

  • Motion to nominate the 3 new members - Brian moved, Dave seconded, motion passed.
  • Martha moved to accept the presented slate of new offices, Carrie seconded – motion passed.
  • Still looking for a treasurer replacement so Cindy can take some time off.

    Meeting adjourned at 7:02 PM.

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