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January 2, 2017

**Minutes are considered to be in DRAFT form until approved at the next scheduled meeting**

The Board meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM

In attendance: Cindy Pike, Alyson Grzyb, Dave Thomas, Joe Zimmerman, Phyllis Skidmore (librarian), Brian Allen, Simon Metcalfe

Absent: Sheila Kearns, Carrie Gruber, Martha Folsom, Henry Cochran

6 members present, this is not enough for a quorum. Per the bylaws, we cannot transact business, but we can approve binding actions with a simple majority.

Guests: Valerie Takvorian (New Art Gallery Chair)

Discussion regarding gallery – canvas has been up for 20 years. Valerie brought a proposal to re-do the canvas with a rail system. Total cost of system is $680.55 plus shipping. We have $700 available for this purpose. $700 has been used for postcards and postage for artists. Instead of using that this year, we will use that money for purchasing this new system.

Since there was no additional cost and we are using budgeted money, board approved this use of the funds from the 2017 budget.

Also discussed showing the documentary of “Herb and Dorothy”. Need permission from the publisher as it is not covered under our state umbrella agreement. Valerie will pursue, and has alternate plans if not approved.

Minutes (December, 2016):
  • Corrections to Minutes
    o Two spelling corrections: genealogy and Seline
  • Motion to approve minutes – No quorum, approval next meeting

Librarian’s Report (summary):
  • $1024 from basket raffle. Craft sale did not do as well as last year. Working on annual report to the state.
  • Peggy is doing very well on children’s programs. Afterschool events for kids who do not go to JISP beginning, toddler storytime underway.
  • Working on adult programs, nothing scheduled in January.
  • Phyllis will call a meeting of the advocate’s group to discuss their future.
  • Looking at a single weekend book sale coming up.
  • Bennington county sheriff’s office did a building check, no issues.

Treasurer’s Report (summary):
  • Annual fund, we have approx. $39,000 of $45,000 raised for this year’s appeal.
  • About $1000 short on current budget at this point, but the year might be a few thousand in the black (income over expenses) after the books are closed.
  • Town allotment letters went out a few weeks ago. Sunderland needs us to petition because of the increase.
  • 2 memorial gifts were given in memory of Sarah Canfield Smith, a former volunteer to the Martha Canfield Library.
  • Finance Committee – Cindy explained some issues that had to be resolved in the tracking of certain restricted funds. Nothing involved expenses or income, these were just bookkeeping entries. The finance committee decided that most of this separate tracking no longer had to be done.
  • Overdue fines are used for DVDs and reading media (now listed as income under category of books). Basket raffle has been restricted for children’s books, will now be under books.
  • It was suggested that the chair of each fundraising committee come to the board meetings and review the income from the fundraising events. Further discussion is needed.
  • Reviewed 2017 Budget proposal. Will vote to approve at February meeting.

Old Business:

1. Buildings and Grounds update - No report this month
2. Russell Collection – No report this month
3. Gallery update – Artists were chosen for the coming year, and there is a schedule. Monthly starting in February.
4. No update this month for Long Range Plans at this time

New Business:

1. Next month is a double meeting – annual meeting at 6PM, then February meeting is held (departing members leave and new members start).

2. Efficiency Vermont check came in – $3,060.00. Secor is working on a contract for the work to be done.

Next meeting – Monday, February 6th.
Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.

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