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December 5, 2016

**Minutes are considered to be in DRAFT form until approved at the next scheduled meeting**

The Board meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM

In attendance: Cindy Pike, Alyson Grzyb, Dave Thomas, Carrie Gutbier, Martha Folsom, Joe Zimmerman, Phyllis Skidmore (librarian), Simon Metcalfe, Sheila Kearns, Bill Budde (historian)

Absent: Brian Allen, Henry Cochran

Guests: None

Minutes (November, 2016):
• Corrections to Minutes - None
• Motion to approve minutes – motion by Martha, seconded by – Carrie. Approved.

Librarian’s Report (summary):
• New library assistant Peggy is doing well. New children’s programming has been instituted, organizing volunteers.
• Advocates did not have an official meeting, but the craft show and basket raffle subcommittees have been working. Drawing on raffle is 12/13.
• Upcoming Events (from calendar of events)
    o Toddler & Preschool Storytimes
    o Geneology
    o Santa Visits the Library
    o Basket Raffle Drawing
    o Holiday Cookie Baking
    o Arts and Crafts Fundraiser
• High school and middle school came to sing, 28 people came, great event
• Steven Madison is a new library volunteer – will also shovel the walks this winter.
• Phyllis has been working on the Department of Libraries reports
• Passed the elevator inspection this year, no problems
• Ellen Berkley offered to do a memoir writing workshop for a fee of $150.

Treasurer’s Report (summary):
• Annual fund is coming in, about even with last year.
• Expenses running normal
• Working on the letters for the towns
• Need to petition for Arlington and Sunderland
• Finance committee meeting 12/12 – to go over the budget before it comes to the board for approval.

Old Business:

1. Buildings and Grounds update
• None this month

2. Joe Z. will get a SurveyMonkey survey going with a basic survey to patrons. He will create a new email address on gmail to gather the surveys. Send out in newsletter and post on Facebook. Zoho survey has a fee for non-profit use (free for personal only)

3. Alyson signed the thank you letters for the appeal.

Long Range Plan:

1. Take out the specific stipend for Adult Programming per program, and just work with the annual budgeted amount.
2. Phyllis is working on specific goals for library collection
3. Bill is working on specific goals for Russell Collection
4. Building and grounds – clearing the area to the right of the door. $3,000 is currently budgeted for next year for grounds.
5. Technology - Use surveys as a tool to get patron feedback.

Russell Collection Report:

Bill showed an album of Norman Rockwell envelopes that was donated. We received 2 of these that were collected by Margaret Webster. Her son donated them. The collection is quite extensive and makes a great addition to the Russell Collection.

We received a letter back from Dr. Butz in California with a donation letting us know that he has a number of items suitable for the Russell Collection, to be brought here in the spring.

New Business:

1. Sheila will look into using Google Apps. We would be able to share documents, email addresses, and distribution lists. There would be no cost for this as it is free for non-profits.

2. Board Resignation – Susan Bauers has resigned from the board. The board would like to express its appreciation for her service.

3. Fundraising for Russell Collection
A large Charles Heyde painting has been scanned and could be offered in 2 or 3 different print sizes. We can get images from the Image Loft. Perhaps a local framing shop could offer a discount. Going to try to price them at twice the cost to raise funds. David and Celine could help promote the image. Will review other images in the library for possible sale – also discussed possibility of creating post cards and sending them back with letters of thanks to donors.

For next year, it was suggested that we put a box on the envelopes to earmark funds specifically for the Russell Collection. Could do a small fund drive for the Russell Collection in the spring and highlight the fact that the collection is separate from the library.

4. Efficiency Vermont grant proposal was approved. The Secor Group had presented an extensive proposal for $77,000 for a wide variety of improvements. Alyson requested a revised proposal with suggestions that would be the most effective. On 12/5 we received a new proposal of $47,000. Incentives for heat pumps and high efficiency heat pump water heaters are going away in March. There are also various lighting and insulation changes. Participation would bring back $11,000 back, bringing our net to $36,000.

We could do a special fund drive promoting the upgrades.

Joe moved that we accept the contract at $47,000, Cindy seconded. Need to write a proposal to efficiency Vermont formally telling them what we are going to do. When they accept, we get the first installment. Then we need to let them know when the work is done, then they pay the 2nd installment. Then they monitor the electricity savings over 6 months, then 12 months and if we meet their target savings they will mail the remaining 2 checks. So it will take approximately 18 months to get the entire rebate.

Motion passed.

Next meeting – Monday, January 2nd
Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM.

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