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Martha Canfield Memorial Free Library Annual Meeting

**Minutes are considered to be in DRAFT form until approved at the next scheduled meeting**

In attendance: Alyson Grzyb, John Spencer, Phyllis Skidmore (librarian), Dave Thomas, Cindy Pike, Martha Folsom, Darcy Nutter, Joe Zimmerman, Henry Cochran, Carrie Gutbier, Jessica Putnam-Phillips (Gallery), Brian Allen, Jane Bloom (Advocates), Stephen Horsch (guest), Susan Bauers
Absent: Gracie Smith

Call to order at 6:21 pm

Thank you to Stephen Horsch for cooking a wonderful meal for us!

Carrie motioned to approve last year's minutes. Seconded by Martha. Approved.

Librarian's Report:
• Dollar General grant allowed us to expand summer program and allowed us to give books to all participants
• Meeting room use has increased
• VT Reading Partners grant allowed us to purchase two Kindles
• Circulation and computer use has decreased
• Patron list has been updated
• Upgraded credit card terminal to accept chip technology
• Elevator has been upgraded
• Holiday wish tree brought in 21 new books and a wish list will now be available all year at the front desk
• Books have been weeded

Treasurer's Report:
• Ended the year with a $33,498.36 surplus! Due to gala event, basket raffle, holiday craft sale, gallery proceeds, as well as savings on expenses (lower heating costs, etc.).
• Fell short of Annual Fund goal.
• Martha motioned to move $5000 into our building sinking funds (boiler, elevator, air conditioning, and roof). Brian seconded. Discussion of what building improvements would be needed in the near future. All approved.
• Martha motioned that the remainder of the surplus (less restricted book funds) should go into Long Term Maintenance. John seconded. Discussion of what else the surplus funds could be used for. All approved.

Committee Reports:
• Met twice in 2015 (July & December)
• For the first time ever, did not change anything in the Treasurer's proposed budget and recommended that the Board approve it as written.

• Held 4 fundraising events – March – book sale $1208.50, October – gala auction $6562, November – basket raffle $1076, December – craft show $466.78, Summer season – Martha's Book House $4476
• Proposed activities for 2016 – add a 50/50 raffle
• Goal of increasing fundraising by 15% in 2016
• Working on organizing basement and creating policies and procedures manuals for fundraisers.
• Working on expanding awareness of the library's programs through media blasts.

• Best year ever in sales! $5068 profit to the library.
• Met goals of long range plan – increased PR and had one artist speaker
• For 2016 plan to further increase PR and have two artist speakers
• In 2016 will have an invitational event and an artist panel discussion to coincide with 20th anniversary celebration

• Sisters in Crime, music program, and Mad Matt the Democrat had great turnout and reviews.
• Better advertising has increased attendance.
• Programming done at consistent time on consistent days. It is believed that this has also helped with increased attendance.

Russell Collection:
• 43 researchers in 2015
• Yearbook digitization in conjunction with Arlington High School
• Rearranged shelved collections due to a/c issues
• Working on sorting photographs
• Selling notecards made from pictures from the collection
• Prints of earliest known representation of the town of Arlington will be available for sale at 20th anniversary celebration

• Not a lot of activity in 2015
• Goal for 2016 is to incorporate e-readers

Martha's Book-house:
• Working on sorting for book sale, extras will go to Book House

• Have found two new Board members – Brian & Susan

• Continuing to work on contacting community members who might want to leave a bequest to the library

Buildings and Grounds:
• Took down a couple trees that were too close to the building – need to remove more trees and bushes in 2016
• Working on replacing lights in the reading room
• Got estimates for painting the building – will be done in 2016
• Looking into better insulating the basement

• Started working with Seline Skoug to improve advertising

Annual Fund:
• $29,000 for 2014/2015 & $33,000 for 2015/2016
• 203 donors for 2014/2015 & 181 donors for 2015/2016

By-law changes:
• Proposed changes – (1) Article 3 Section 2b – add "Due to the complexities of the position, the Treasurer may, with a majority affirmative vote from the Trustees, be allowed additional terms beyond the normal limit of two consecutive terms. Each additional term must be voted on at the expiration of the previous term." (2) Article 7 Section 8 – add "This sampling shall take place at last bi-annually, with a more comprehensive review to take place at the time a new Treasurer assumes office or every 6 years, whichever comes first."
• Joe motioned to approve the proposed changes. Martha seconded. All approved.

Treasurer's term:
• Brian motioned to extend the current Treasurer's term. Joe seconded. All approved.

Trustee leaving the Board –
• John Spencer has completed two terms on the Board. Many thanks to John for all his hard work.

New member
• Martha motioned to nominate Susan Bauers to the Board of Trustees to replace the seat left open by John Spencer. Carrie seconded. All approved.

Slate of Officers, John motioned to nominate the following positions:
President – Darcy Nutter
Vice President – Alyson Grzyb
Treasurer – Cindy Pike
Secretary – Joe Zimmerman
Martha seconded the motion. All approved.

Adjourned at 7:34 pm

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